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Coffee And A Song

My son loves black coffee and he loves to sing. He has the most amazing memory when it comes to song lyrics. When he worked in a diner, he memorized lyrics to so many songs from the 50’s and 60’s. He has all my mom and dad’s big band, Frank Sinatra, and Neil Diamond records which he plays for his kids and has memorized those songs. He can sing country songs, rap, Disney movie songs, and worship songs. He just loves to always be singing.

I was thinking about him this week as I took a walk and listened to worship music. Music brings him such joy, so much so that he is determined to be able to sing whatever might come on the radio. When I listen to the playlist of worship music I have created, I am often overwhelmed by the music that artists have put together to share their love of our God of grace. There is so much to share about God’s love, grace, and mercies and I am so glad he has given the gift of song writing, singing, and playing to so many people who want to share.

What better way to show God our faith and belief in him than to worship him on a regular basis? But, more importantly, what better way to fill our hearts, minds, and soul with Him than regularly listening to words that tell us of His goodness and great grace? What better way to walk through struggles than to hear songs of how He promises to help us through every trial? Definitely no better way to survive pain and suffering than to raise our voices and cry out in song to the God who works out everything for his glory.

It is my prayer, today, that you are able to find songs that fill you with such happiness and an understanding of our God’s love that you are able to create your own playlist, or add to it, in order to be able to spend time each day worshiping the God of grace. So, in a little different fashion I want to focus this blog on songs that tell of Him.

Let’s begin with grace. So many songs sing of the grace God gives us in every situation of life. If you are struggling with seeing God’s grace and what it might look like in your life or situation, take a listen to “Grace Wins” by Matthew West. He sings of when we are in the shadow of our shame, we hear Him call our name, drowning out the doubt. The lyrics, “I’m living proof, grace wins every time”, is my favorite line, as we “rise up in victory” with Jesus by our side, providing grace no matter what our circumstances.

“This is Amazing Grace” by Phil Wickham shares:

This is Amazing Grace

This is unfailing love

That You would take my place

That You would bare my cross.

This uplifting song shares how our Jesus gave his life on a cross in order that we might live. This is God’s number one gift of grace to us. This is the gift of grace from the God of the Universe. And, if you want an oldy, but goody and love the song “Amazing Grace”, download the version by Pentatonix. If you don’t cry, I’d be surprised.

If you are in a season of struggle and are not sure how you might move forward and continue to even breath, break out the music and listen to His promises that are shared in almost any contemporary Christian song or hymn. There is no better way to overcome, if even for a short time, than by lifting up our ears and eyes to what God promises us.

“You Say” by Lauren Daigle is absolutely beautiful and reminds us of the way God loves us. She sings:

You say I am loved, when I can’t feel a thing

You say I am strong, when I think I am weak

You say I am held, when I am falling short

And when I don’t belong, you say I am yours.

This is God’s constant reminder that He loves us more than anything we can imagine and is walking by our side no matter what we are going through.

She continues in this song by singing, “The only thing that matters now is what You think of me/in You I found my worth/ in You I found my identity.”

These words let us know that no matter how badly we may have messed up, or how bad our lives might be at this time, He is who we are made perfectly for and in.

During difficult times I like to play “Tremble”, by Mosaic MSC, REALLY loud. This is one I sing at the top of my lungs. It fills me with such hope and helps me know I can make it through anything if I hold onto Christ. The lyrics say:

Jesus, Jesus, You make the darkness tremble

Jesus, Jesus, You silence fear.

Your name is a light that the shadows can’t deny

Your name cannot be overcome.

Your name is light forever lifted high

Your name cannot be overcome.

Sing this out to the Lord our God and watch your circumstance change. Shout out His goodness and chase away the enemy with these words.

Another song that declares God’s desire to be with us during our struggles is “Yes, I Will” by Vertical Worship. They sing:

I count on one thing the same God who never fails

Will not fail me now,

You won’t fail me now.

In the waiting, the same God who is never late

Is working all things out, You’re working all things out.

Yes, I will lift you high in the lowest valley,

Yes, I will bless your name.

It is, indeed, good to bless His holy name when we are struggling. He WILL work all things out.

And, finally, when I just need to praise the Savior and sing to Him with all my heart, I enjoy “Goodness of God” by Jenn Johnson of Bethel Music. How good it is to begin a song with, “I love you Lord”?

I love you Lord, your mercy never fails me

All my days, I’ve been held in your hands

All my life you have been faithful

All my life you have been so, so good.

With every breath that I am able I will sing of the goodness of God

In the darkest night you are close like no other

I have lived in the Goodness of God.

Lastly, I will leave you with “Only Jesus” by Casting Crowns.

Jesus is the only name to remember

I’ve only got one life to live,

I let every second point to Him

Only Jesus.

All that really matters

Did I leave a truth to the ones I love,

Was my life the proof that there was only one?

His life will last forever

Only Jesus

I have found during my struggles, mountain tops, times of sadness and times of happiness that worshiping, praising, honoring, and singing to the Lord our God will bring me to a very different place than where I am at the time. Filling my mind and heart with all that is good about our great God will help me sustain a sense of peace that I can only have in Him. Adding songs to a daily routine of reading, praying, studying and talking to God can only take us to a place we may never had been. It may be exactly what is needed to change a circumstance, uplift a sad situation, or bring peace to a hurting heart.

Now, get yourself a hot goody, mine is a non-fat latte, no foam, extra hot, in a cup without a handle, and begin listening to songs that fill your heart. Create a playlist on Spotify or Apple music, or whatever way you choose to listen, and take it with you as you go today. Listen in your car, at work, play it at home and let everyone hear it. Learn the words, take in the beat, let the rhythm and words fill your soul and bring you closer to a God full of grace.

** below are the links to each song mentioned in the blog

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Theresa Marler
Theresa Marler
May 18, 2023

I've recently started listening to God's music again. In the past, it would make me cry, so I turned it off fast. I think I was craving Him so badly that I cried. I didn't know how to connect with Him. Now I here His music and I feel joy, I smile as I hear those words going through my body. I feel so connected now with the work I've put in seeking and accepting God, it's as if the songs are Him talking to me and I can't stop listening. Wow, does it feel good!


I had the opportunity to see Phill Wickham sing this song at Reno Calvary Chapel surrounded by so many people who love the Lord! Hearing everyone singing along was amazing. It will be like that in heaven ✝️


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