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Great Things on the Horizon For Grace and Strong Coffee

Hello Grace and Strong Coffee Friends,

Good things are happening for Grace and Strong Coffee and I wanted to pass on the news. I will be attending a writers conference at the end of October and will be meeting with a publisher/editor as well as have an active, known author critique some of my writing. I have hired a writing coach who has reviewed my manuscript and has truly helped me get to the next steps with publishing.

My hope is to be considered for publication and to begin writing my next manuscript. I am so thankful to a grace-filled God who has his hand in every single word I have written and every sentence I have typed. He has given me so much joy in my writing and will certainly be involved in moving me to the next level.

As I get ready for my trip in October, I will be spending my time working on completing a book proposal for Grace and Strong Coffee to pitch to the publisher/editor at the conference. This is quite an integrated process and I want to give it the most attention I am able, as I am also traveling with my husband in southern Utah. Luckily, the scenery is absolutely beautiful and a full testament to God's grace in our country.

So, for the next two weeks I will not be posting to this blog. I would appreciate prayers for my next steps and for God's hand to be in it all. Thank you so much for being faithful readers and for loving the Word of God as much as I do.

Blessings in His name,


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You can do this Susan, you are an amazing person and writer!


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You got this Sister! Love you always! Praying God’s direction and favor.



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I’m so excited for this journey you are on! I am cheerleading you along the way - and of course praying! You got this!


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