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Grace And Strong Coffee
Connecting With God's Grace on a Daily Basis

Grace and coffee

About Susan Squires

Hello Friends,

I am so glad you are joining me on this journey!  

I am a native born Nevadan, still living in the house I was raised in.  My passions are loving God, loving my family, and loving friends with a little bit of traveling, golfing, reading and playing sprinkled in.  You can always find me drinking coffee, and usually find me with my grandkids Madison, Dominic, and Emilia, or with my wonderful husband Keith.  

My passion is writing about God's grace and helping others understand the joy and hope life can have with a relationship with Christ. 

I am an active member of  LifePoint Church in the Carson Valley.  I enjoy coaching and leading small group Bible studies and love hanging out with the women I get to meet in each of these studies. My joy comes from teaching small groups and writing about God's great grace in this wonderful life we are given.  I have been a speaker at conferences for women in the Carson Valley and love to energize women to know God more closely.

This journey with God is incredible and so fulfilling, and I hope we will be able to spend time together on this journey of knowing and enjoying God's amazing grace.

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