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A Flocks' Rebellion

But they will say, ‘It’s hopeless. We will continue to follow our plans, and each of us will continue to act according to the stubbornness of his evil heart.’

Jeremiah 18:12 CSB


            Have you ever started the day with a plan and had it go completely wrong? You had planned to be on time but, coffee spilled on your dress pants. You were going to pick up groceries but, the client you were waiting for was 30 minutes late. Your prayer was to be patient with your kids and speak to them with love but, their toys were everywhere, dishes were in the sink and you were exhausted. Sometimes our best laid plans can turn into something completely different than what we had intended. My plan to be an elementary principal was a great plan, but God showed me that it was not in His timing and allowed a disastrous two years of leading to occur in order for me to be ready to run a school successfully.

            When we follow the great Shepherd and profess, He is our Lord, we enter into a relationship. This relationship between Jesus and His sheep has one purpose only. Jesus tells us He came so that we might have life and have it more abundantly (John 10:10). This relationship with Christ our Shepherd calls for a personal response. This response must come from every member of His flock. Our reaction would be to follow Him in the ways He asks us to go. Here is where the problem comes in! This is where we often try to figure out, “Am I a cat? Am I a lemming? Am I a sheep, a follower of Christ?”

            Lemmings are animals who purposely run off a cliff to their demise. They follow each other, dumbly, until they are at the edge and just jump because everyone else does. Cats, on the other hand, act as individuals. They are independent and do their own thing. They don’t follow anyone, they do only what they want. In both situations, these animals are oblivious to the fact that they are not under any protective watch of a shepherd. Have you chosen which one you are?

Sheep can be like cats and lemmings. They will follow a leader but when they lose their way, they will follow only their desires. They just aren’t smart enough to do anything without guidance, especially not the right things. We are asked, though, to be sheep and follow a shepherd. A Shepherd who gave His life to save us from any and all dangers that might come our way, especially the dangers of death.

            The great thing is, we have a choice. We can choose what we want to be, a cat, a lemming, or a sheep with a Shepherd. We get to make that decision and because the Shepherd loves us so much, He will be there waiting, patiently, without condemnation when we are ready to follow Him. He promises that He has a plan for our lives and it is a good plan. It is a plan for us to prosper and have a life that is full of joy and hope.

            Once we have chosen to follow Him, though, things can still go wrong. Because we are sinful humans, we will often will off. This is where we see that following God’s plan works out better every time. The two years I spent as a small town principal were absolutely the worst, but when I gave that up and listened to God and what He was wanting for me, the perfect position came about and the experience was a blessing.

            We currently live in a world of people who are roaming around in bewilderment and we tend to do this as well. We look for our hope and peace in Facebook posts and reels. We search for love in department stores where we buy clothes and run up thousands of dollars in credit card debt in order to have the best clothes, make-up, hair supplies, and jewelry. We buy boats, trucks, houses that we can’t afford just so we look like we have it all and are happy. Yet, we sit alone and cry because we don’t have any friends, no one to turn to or trust. Our marriages break up and our children don’t call because we follow the world instead of a Shepherd who will bring us joy. The world is without a shepherd yet, Jesus Christ looks upon us and is moved with compassion. He is the only hope for the sheep who wander aimlessly looking for a safe place.

            We are being called to have a loving relationship with the Good Shepherd. Jesus desires to know us and longs to be our leader, our guide, our friend, and our protector. Don’t continue to try and follow your own plans which will lead you over the cliff. Make a decision to follow and pay attention to the Shepherd whose plan is perfect for you. Right now, in this current time, He is giving us the courage and skills to walk out His plan. Be strong and courageous because His Spirit will go before you, leading you to joy.

A Prayer for Today

Lord, thank You for choosing me and wanting to guide me. Thank You for the perfect plan You have and the patience to wait for me with compassion until I decide to follow You. Help me to listen to your Holy Spirit and hear what You are asking and the ability to begin working towards Your plan, rather than mine.

Today’s Challenge

Make a list of things you are trying to do on your own without God’s help. Ask Him to give you an understanding of what He wants, what His plans are. Begin working on one of the areas by asking God to show you the way to go and the skills you have to accomplish it.





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